Soar: A Soul’s Quest

SOAR: A Soul’s Quest, is the stirring story of a young eagle who sets out in quest of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. So come and sail on Soar’s wings! Like most fables, the narrative unfolds as a series of encounters with inspirational creatures who teach Soar critical life lessons. Ultimately Soar learns, as psychologist Dr. Jillian Rigert puts it in her testimonial—“what it means to live a life true to himself and teach others to do the same.”

As Soar is drawn far from home into the natural world—sometimes hostile, more often welcoming, but always unfamiliar—he begins to unlock the essential keys to personal and collective healing. Soar comes to learn the importance of self-discipline, intuition, altruism, trust, and interdependence. Together with Soar, we readers are encouraged to embrace our own new encounters, learn from our past experiences, and cultivate loving community in our present lives.

In his Foreword, Dr. Navin Goyal says of SOAR: “This transformative journey… keeps the reader constantly engaged.” CBC political commentator Barbara Emodi calls SOAR “resonant with universal myth… a reminder of the traditional power of the allegorical tale to instruct us on how to deal with life’s most profound challenges.”

SOAR  is the fictional sequel to The Legendary Quest by physician Ketan Kulkarni and his co-authors. The images at the start of each of the eighteen chapters, like the one below, were created by Dr. Kulkarni’s eight-year-old daughter Reeva.

SOAR: A Soul’s Quest is available directly from HARP The People’s Press ( at $24.95 CDN plus shipping, or at your local bookstore on request.

David Suzuki Foundation (one nature): and The Circle of Abundance Indigenous Program, Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University: of abundance;receive 20% of sales distributed equally

Stay tuned! A version of SOAR: A Soul’s Quest written and illustrated specially for children by Reeva and sister Risha Kulkarni, entitled Shining All the Way will shortly be in your bookstore!

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