Healing Through the Arts

Creative Curiosity that Heals

There’s a creative itch in all of us just waiting to be explored.

John and Dorothy

Healing our Broken World, Healing Ourselves

HARP is dedicated to helping everyday people find healing through creativity, one healing expression at a time. We empower people just like you to get curious and experiment with the healing arts, for yourself and your community. We’re on a journey together—one of recovery, personal growth and authentic storytelling through healing arts practices. 

Join us as we strive to heal ourselves and Mother Earth through creative expression.

Healing Arts, Mending Hearts

Bring your crayons, kazoos, and dancing shoes.

You might be asking, “What are the healing arts?”

The short answer: whatever you want them to be. 

Writing. Cooking. Carpentry. Storytelling. Poetry. Acts of service. The healing arts come in many forms, and a creative desperate to express themselves lives in each and every one of us.

Through our HARP community, you can explore what the healing arts 

mean for you, all within a community of like-minded, passionate individuals.

Art is Healing for the Soul

Soothe the hurt with paints, clay, or a smile of gratitude.

At HARP, we believe in the undeniable power of artistic expression as a holistic way to heal from painful lived experiences

For those who recognize they are in need of healing, and want to explore how creativity can be used as a tool to help, HARP is for you. We explore how art can improve overall wellness and health for any person, through any artistic medium. 

Advocating for Everyday Acts of Art

Building a better tomorrow through healing arts awareness.

The intrinsic need for healing is a universal human experience—we all have an inner creative curious enough to experiment with how we can do just that. 

Our movement strives to create as many ripples toward healing arts awareness as possible. That said, the healing arts are rarely a solitary pursuit. Being part of a strong community can make all the difference. Why? Because every person deserves a safe space where they can be received just as they are. 

If you’ve been searching for this sort of community, then you belong here.

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