Primates and Peoples go Ape Over Harp Music


I was culling through our pre-HARP files on the healing arts when I chanced on this newspaper clipping saved from The Chronicle Herald dated July 26, 2014.    The harp image jumped out at me.  Terri Tacheny, a therapeutic harpist for hospital patients took her harp to the zoo and experienced “a gorilla purr that occurs when I begin to play.”   Did this story play into our choice of the HARP (Healing Arts Reconciling Peoples) as the image and logo for our healing arts publishing house, which we initiated five years ago in December 2018?  We know that harp music is calming for humans; music thanatologists and palliative caregivers often call upon the harpist to spirit the human transition to the afterlife.  What is the human equivalent of the gorilla purr?  Can the “shimmering sounds” of the HARP manifest to deepen the close evolutionary connections between humans and other animals.  A reminder that the healing power of sound vibrations predates human history.   

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