Our Reverse Resolutions for 2024

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Dorothy and I woke up with this idea on New Year’s Eve morning, which we’re calling our Reverse Bucket List. We’re talking about things that we WON’T be doing in 2024, and in most cases NEVER again.

Here’s my list to date. I resolve:

NOT to cut the grass

NOT to turn on our oil furnace

NOT to drive after dark

NOT to eat food from another land mass or continent

NOT to buy food we already have stored in our freezer or pantry

NOT to eat foods containing >400mg Na+ per specific measure

NOT to feed the birds in the wrong season

NOT to buy from big box stores unless we can’t get it locally

NOT to listen to TV news programs

NOT to watch movies with graphic violence 

NOT to take on new authors to HARP

NOT to prioritize editing other authors’ writing over our own

NOT to dream up any brand new projects

NOT to trash anything we can fix

NOT to ride if it’s a short walk

NOT to give to charities who solicit by phone or email

NOT to diss people who make different choices 

NOT to join any boards or committees

NOT to travel by airplane

Pretty good list, eh? And I’m definitely at that stage of my life (82 in exactly eight weeks) when it seems better to resolve NOT TO that to resolve TO…

Our lives are fuller than a pair of eggs already, so making it simpler in any way I can makes enormous sense.

Happy New Year,


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