Branding: Coordinating My Wardrobe to the HARP Colour Palette

Posted by Dorothy Lander:

The talented team at This is Marketing ( chose a unique colour palette to illuminate the HARP brand.  The TiM team instructed Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole to scour their wardrobe for these colours during the photoshoot in our home as part of creating the new website of HARP The People’s Press ( I managed to come up with eight wardrobe changes!!  Including this one—my favourite—thanks to the genius of John David Photography ((  John David introduced me to his lighting technique based on the Rembrandt triangle – how could I have missed this in my undergraduate concentration in art history over 50 years ago?

I began to see HARP’s colour palette everywhere. And then THIS!

My good friend Darlene Rushton and I eagerly attended The Curated Collective Clothing Sale hosted by Emilie Chiasson and Erin Thomasen.

This cashmere sweater flew off the hanger at me.  A new label for me – Cashmere and Cupcakes    My experience with TiM has me taking a closer look at branding.

Full disclosure: Before TiM, the very idea of HARP as a brand had not entered my consciousness. I’ll get it the next time the HARP colour palette reaches out and grabs me.

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