Sneak Preview #6 The People’s Photo Album – Launch today

This baby took her first steps on the family farm overlooking Rice Lake, Ontario.  She grew up to become an adult educator, receiving her MAdEd degree from one of the earlier cohorts of this graduate program in adult education at StFX, founded by Dr. Teresa MacNeil.  Teresa MacNeil was her advisor.  She had two careers at StFX, 19 years as the Residence and Food Services Manager, with responsibility for student residences in the turbulent 1970s after residences became co-ed. She pursued a doctoral degree in adult education, focused on the Service University and the transformative and transitional learning environment that service workers provide for young adults.  She returned to StFX to teach graduate students in the MAdEd program that she had graduated from 25 years earlier.  She has spent the last year compiling the photo history of the Antigonish Movement, the product of which is The People’s Photo Album, which will be launched today, Dec. 9, at the CACL-Legion, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

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