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Hope Unleashed by Sara avMaat

Hope Unleashed is a comic book about moving from climate anxiety to climate action, and about people in Nova Scotia working to make a difference.

Maude (the dog) and Feebee (the cat) come to the rescue of Patrick (the person), who is in a funk about the rapid warming of the earth, the death of so many species, and the worsening pollution of the environment. So Maude and Feebee decide to go exploring to see how they can help.

Antigonish artist Sara avMaat says of creating her comic book: “Facing my own climate anxiety and getting informed about the many people and organizations who are making a difference in Nova Scotia has been a real learning journey for me.”

Sara’s book—which is highly appealing to both children and adults—will make you laugh and will make you cry. Above all, it will make you sit up and take notice.

Hope Unleashed is a charming and timely comic book that inspires climate action. We follow Maude the dog, Feebee the cat, and Patrick the person as they explore recent Nova Scotian initiatives that model climate activism.  Maude, Feebee, and Patrick welcome you to join them on their journey of hope!

– Sue Adams, community activist

Hope Unleashed reveals the hero who lives within all of us, young and old. Sara shines a personal lens on what can happen when we demand change in how we treat our natural environment. It is a timely and inspiring guide to action for every teacher and student.

– Nancy Turniawan, artist and educator                                                                    

Available now from HARP The People’s Press

H-ealing A-rts R-econciling P-eoples

$13.50 + shipping

20% donated to Ecology Action Centre and NS Nature Trust



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