Happy Birthday David Suzuki from Estuary & Piping Plover

HARP The People’s Press released the podcast series Estuary and Piping Plover Find Their Voice to mark two momentous occasions: the inaugural Sustainable Blue Economy Summit hosted by Eco Canada in Halifax on March 19, 2024; and the 88th birthday of David Suzuki on March 24, 2024.

Estuary and Piping Plover on the east coast dedicate their podcast series to David Suzuki to honour his vision and hope for a healthier, safer, sustainable future for all.

To date, Eco Canada has not invited HARP to participate in the Summit but not because we have not had people of influence supporting us.   Michelle Thompson, Nova Scotia’s MLA representing Antigonish and Minister of Health has made the case for us with the NS Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NSDFA) and Jason Hollett, Deputy Minister of NSDFA has contacted the Summit organizers at Eco Canada on our behalf.

Some of the issues that Estu and Plove take up in their audio drama align with the Eco Canada’s Summit commitment to emphasize policies and practices that are inclusive and equitable:

To quote:

“This summit will not just be a congregation; it will be a collective endeavor to harness the wisdom of policymakers, industry leaders, and local voices. …

Indigenous communities in Canada have been stewards of their coastal lands and waters for countless generations. Their traditional knowledge, handed down through the ages, offers unparalleled insights into sustainable ocean management. The summit will acknowledge the significance of incorporating Indigenous perspectives into maritime policies and practices, fostering a collaborative approach that respects both traditional wisdom and scientific expertise. …

The emphasis on inclusivity must continue to grow. Indigenous leadership, women’s contributions, and the involvement of underrepresented communities should not be seen as a checkbox but as a fundamental principle in maritime policy and practice. In doing so, we can ensure that the benefits of the blue economy are shared equitably, leaving no one behind.”

Estuary and Piping Plover make the plea in their podcast that they are among those that “we ensure are not left behind.”




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