Healing Through the Arts

Arts & Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Creating something new is good for your health.

Authentic human connection is built on the foundation of art. A kind word to a struggling friend. A simple act of service. A favourite coffee mug, crafted in a beginner pottery class. We all possess creative gifts that can touch one another’s lives through the diversity of expressive arts.

At the same time, the human experience is ripe with struggle. Illness, injury, mistreatment…we are in desperate need of healing. 

HARP is part of a bigger, global movement for making the healing arts more accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in their journey. Here’s how our partner organizations are making waves in the healing arts and health movement:


The Center for Arts and Medicine (CAM)

Promoting health one creative moment at a time. 

The Center for Arts in Medicine (CAM) at the University of Florida is dedicated to integrating the arts into the healing and medical journeys of all people. CAM’s faculty prepares students to create and build spaces of arts education that will radically change their communities through arts and health advocacy.

The National Organization for Arts and Health (NOAH)

Serving the field of arts in health.

The National Organization for Arts and Health (NOAH) amplifies the impact of the arts in health, promoting the vision that arts in health are vital for overall well-being and health.

WHO Arts & Health

We’re creating a movement — let’s build it together. 

The World Health Organization has long advocated for the arts playing an integral role in helping us understand, connect and communicate with one another, across all cultures and social contexts. The intrinsic health benefits of artistic expression cannot be understated in the pursuit of overall wellness, and throughout the battles of injury and illness.

There is a curious creative in everyone — tap into yours today.

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