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Reeva Kulkarni

Shining All the Way

Written and illustrated by Reeva Kulkarni, a grade 4 student at Halifax Grammar School, and inspired by the highly successful fable for adults, Soar: A Soul’s Quest, this captivating book is an epic adventure of self-discovery. Shine is a spirited young eagle who leaves the safety of her home to explore the unknown. Along the way, she meets many creatures—seals, dolphins, and a wise old walrus—who answer her many questions and guide her on her journey. Shining All the Way is a compelling story of exploration, friendship, and self-belief.

Reeva’s father Ketan Kulkarni, author of Soar, challenged Reeva to write her own eagle story “that would be fully accessible to other children. … I suggested she create the images, and very soon her younger sister Risha joined her as a companion artist for Shining All the Way. …Every child has a Shine within them!”






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