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I've Been There cover photo

Cathy Napier

I’ve Been There: Poems from a Breast Cancer Survivor

Cathy Napier has created original images to illustrate each of the eight poems she has composed since her diagnosis of breast cancer in 1999 — another 20-year anniversary to celebrate.    Her vibrant paintings are in contrast to her mother Cecily Napier’s etching on the front cover, which also illustrates Cathy’s  poem “Are We Human?”  Cathy’s poems speak to the dark places as well as the resilience of persons with breast cancer.

In the Introduction, John Graham-Pole summarizes: “We think of [Cathy] as a true arts-for-health practitioner—not least, for her own health and healing.  And Cathy’s book… is a lovely marriage of the expressive and healing arts.


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