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John Graham-Pole

Blood Work: A Novel

Written by a renowned children’s cancer specialist, John Graham-Pole, Blood Work is a fictional but true-to-life-account of just such a near-fatal illness. It is also a life-and-death adventure and a coming-of-age romance.

The story tells of sixteen-year-old Moraig (“Raig”) Brossard’s journey through the trauma of cancer and its treatment. It opens as Raig wakes up in a hospital room, utterly unaware of how she came to be there. Events of the past weeks unfold like a high-speed movie: how she’d lost her head to school football star, Hilton Sears, come close to losing her virginity, ended up in a downtown dance hall with a false ID, drunk several Margaritas, blacked out and had to be ambulanced to the local Emergency Room, close to death from blood poisoning from an infected belly stud.


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