Podcast of Truth and Reconciliation Pilgrimage Sept. 30, 2022


Click on the link for the podcast of the Truth and Reconciliation pilgrimage to the St. George’s Anglican Chapel in Gore’s Landing on the Rice Lake Plains on Sept. 30, 2022, building on the decolonizing memoir by Dorothy Lander, ReReading Catharine Parr Traill: Stranging the Familiar. Edited by the good folks at Northumberland community radio 89.7FM.
Re-Reading CPR book cover
Maurice Switzer, Citizen of the Mississaugas of Alderville First Nation, writes in the Foreword:
  • Could Catharine Parr Traill be transported into today’s Canada, I believe she would support the need for Reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and her immigrant descendants. (p. 12)
Acknowledgements in the podcast to Dorothy Lander’s family and friends, companions on this pilgrimage and to her newfound relations with the Indigenous People of Alderville First Nation – All My Relations.
Special thanks to the Technical and Post-Production volunteers at Northumberland 89.7FM. Sound Engineer Trevor Joice introduced them to Dorothy virtually and HARP Publishing wishes to acclaim them as healing arts practitioners in their own right. Here is the back story to this podcast.
Peter Smith provided the wireless mic access to those who wanted to speak during the Talking Circle. Peter helped with the final setup and later ‘take down’ for the recording. Pete, a transplant into our community from Toronto, has been a volunteer with the radio station for a few years and now produces his own show, and is heard weekly on radio stations across Canada. He has never been in radio before. Swingtime — Northumberland 89.7 FM (northumberland897.ca)
Marc Cowin is the voice for the intro and extra tags for the recording, but also was very generous with his time and skills on a Sunday evening to provide the needed programme editing. Marc has been with the radio station for awhile, as a radio time sales rep, but lately as a programme producer and interviewer. He has never been in radio previously. He is native to Cobourg. Focus On: Business In Northumberland — Northumberland 89.7 FM (northumberland897.ca)
Brian McDowell helped Trevor with the pre-recording test setup on the Thursday. Brian helps with some of our specialized field recording and live broadcast events, but also with some of the technical needs at the radio station. Retired from Bell Canada in Toronto, he also is a transplant to Cobourg, and he now plays in a local band.
This fearsome four are all volunteers who provide Professional services for this radio station. The other common denominator that the four have, is a valued collective friendship, and sense of loyalty and support for each other. When Trevor asked them to help him with this project, there was “no pause” in their consideration and offering. They said “sure” and showed up.
Tune in to hear Dorothy’s imagining of HARP’s response to Mrs. Traill, were she to submit her children’s story Canadian Crusoes to our healing arts publishing house today.
Re-Reading CPR book cover
ReReading Catharine Parr Traill is available
from HARP Publishing


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