The People’s Photo Album
A Pictorial Genealogy of the Antigonish Movement


The People’s Photo Album, the inaugural publication of HARP Publishing: The People’s Press, honours the Extension Department of St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) on its 90th Anniversary. This collection of 800+ black-and-white and colour photos gathered from more than 150 families and archives, all with links to the Extension Department, traces four generations of the Antigonish Movement, from Frs. Moses Coady’s and Jimmy Tompkins’ 1920’s resolve to offer adult education to ‘the masses’ to today’s global leadership of the Coady International Institute.

The opening artwork, Mi’Kmaki the Map, by Michael J. Martin, and the land acknowledgement, “We are All Treaty People”, set the scene for two introductory chapters and the far-reaching scope of the photos that follow. The first chapter traces the Extension Department’s evolving roles and the growth of diversity in our languages, cultures, and lifelong learning. The second offers a guide for developing a ‘genealogy’ of this social movement, using the Antigonish Movement and the Extension Department to highlight the intergenerational and intercultural legacy of social justice.  It rejoices in the many unsung heroes who have been participants in the quest for, in Dr. Coady’s words, ‘a good and abundant life’ for all people.

The photos capture a marvelous diversity of people, families, and places, each one accompanied by a brief explanatory text, to illustrate the integrating forces of the Antigonish Movement:


We dedicate separate photo pages to the founding members of Extension and Coady, to the social justice ministry of the Sisters of St. Martha, and to a glorious, multifaceted array of local and global partnerships.  An original work of art by Antigonish-based artist Adam Tragakis, capturing the historical roots of the Antigonish Movement, graces the back cover. We hope you will enjoy this celebratory work highlighting the impact of the Antigonish Movement, the StFX Extension Department, and the Coady International Institute. The People’s Photo Album is a beautiful coffee table book for the holidays and beyond, to be shared with all those who are moved by the power of a small committed community to change the world.

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