Personal Pages Packages for Pre-Order – The People’s Photo Album

Each package is a selection of pages from the People’s Photo Album on a specific theme or person.  Please click on the “Buy Now” button below an item to purchase it.

Payments may be made by credit card, paypal or cheque made out to “HARP The People’s Press”.

(Shipping is included for Canadian orders)

If you wish to request a specific package not listed please contact us.

Kitchen Meeting by Adam Tragakis 13 x 11 on Classic Linen –  $13.00
All other packages to include Kitchen Meeting sketch. 

1. CJFX and University of the Air with J. Clyde Nunn, Station Manager;
Ken Farrell, Station Manager, 989XFM; J. Clyde and Nora Nunn & family;
Allan J. MacEachen and CJFX Extension Education programming.
pp. 106-109
Four pages plus Kitchen Meeting sketch – $33.00

2. Lanark School 1908 with schoolmates Newell Poulette and
Alex H. MacDonald; Birth of a Credit Union in Antigonish;
Four generations of Poulette-Lafford/MacDonald-Carty families;
Mary Beth and Lilly Carty
pp. 112-115.  Four pages plus Kitchen Meeting sketch –  $33.00

3. Martin Street Housing Cooperative; Four generations of the
Phee and Gero families; ARHS Human Rights Conference 1980s
with speech-makers Sandra Gero, John Meehan;
Pat Skinner, Extension Dept. Fieldworker and four generations
of her family.
pp. 126-131
Six pages plus Kitchen Meeting sketch –  $39.00

4. Mount Cameron Experimental Farm & Dutch Immigrants:
Van de Wiel family; Fleuren family
pp. 156-157; pp. 164-167
Six pages plus Kitchen Meeting sketch –  $39.00

5. Willie and Lillian Westenenk; Fr. John Angus Rankin
p. 168
One page plus Kitchen Meeting sketch –  $18.00

6. The Park Bench Players
pp. 172-175
Four pages plus Kitchen Meeting sketch  – $33.00

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