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The Ancestral Power of Father Bauer

Posted by Dorothy Lander Once a month, John Graham-Pole and I showcase the publications of HARP The People’s Press at the Antigonish Farmer’s Market.  Ken Kingston, the news anchor at 98.9 xfm (CJFX), stopped by and we congratulated him on his recent well-deserved award from Theatre Antigonish, The Father Cyril

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Our Reverse Resolutions for 2024

Dorothy and I woke up with this idea on New Year’s Eve morning, which we’re calling our Reverse Bucket List. We’re talking about things that we WON’T be doing in 2024, and in most cases NEVER again. Here’s my list to date. I resolve: NOT to cut the grass NOT

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You Are My Sunshine

We understand carbon inequality in the abstract for the most part. Yes, we understand that human-induced climate change is driving us to the brink.  Yes, we know that we in rural Nova Scotia enjoy “carbon privilege.”  We get it that we are sheltered from the climate impacts affecting the majority

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Going Electric

Here’s our latest story in our efforts to lighten our carbon footprint—and a great way to start the week! On Monday mornng March 27th, 2023 we took possession of “Evie,” our all-electric midnight black Mini Cooper at Mini Halifax on Kempt Road, and said goodbye after fourteen years to our

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HARP The People’s Press is delighted to announce its latest title Hope Unleashed by Sara avMaat Hope Unleashed is a comic book about moving from climate anxiety to climate action, and about people in Nova Scotia working to make a difference. Maude (the dog) and Feebee (the cat) come to

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Our Dreams for Climate Action

We went on a plant-based diet eight years ago. Reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and learning of the cruelty factory farming inflicts on animals was the decision point.  It gave us a hearty health kick—a direct one to our aging bodies and an indirect one, we fervently hoped,

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A Climate Rally for My 80th Birthday

We are witnessing a huge global rallying cry to act swiftly and powerfully to arrest the climate crisis, which is set to destroy both us humans and many other species, and to lay waste to our whole ecology. Our own community is beginning to wake up and take action through

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Unlock Your Cuddle Hormone in 2022

Unlock your Cuddle Hormone in 2022 Oxytocin is our brain’s chemical messenger that has come to be known as the cuddle hormone. Oxytocin first entered our consciousness while we were compiling a list of simple recommendations to lighten our carbon footprint for our HARP blog loosely titled Go Lightly on

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Creating a Bee and Butterfly Garden

Travels with a Low-Carbon Couple In the summer of 2019, John and I stopped mowing the field around our solar tracker, to allow the whole space to develop into a bee and butterfly garden. More dandelions than grass, anyway, so it did not qualify as lawn by most standards. In

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